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Finally, the year 2010 will be end soon.
Anyway, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas as I did not write any Christmas greeting article this year due to I was too busy with a lot of things.

Same like last year, this year also have a lot of wonderful things happened. Of course, when there is wonderful things happened, there will be also bad things happened.
But fortunately, this year does not have something happened which involve life.
You may check out my previous year’s end of year post at:
Going to be year 2010 in 1 more hour.

So, now I shall preview back the goals I have set at the early of the year at Year 2010 Goals To Achieve.
I shall make a report card for myself now.
There are 11 goals I have set, so lets see how well I do in this whole year.

1. Expand my new company to another level, increase the profit.
This goal has already succeed. Although there was some hiccup starting mid of the year, where there was only very low number new sales, for a few months, but still making profit. Then it finally goes up back rapidly during December.

And guess what? Although the sales quantity was not as high as early of the year, but the value of the sales is damn high! Each one of the sales value is almost equal to the total sales values at the early of the year!
And now it is still keep on growing even bigger again! A lot of new products also had been added and become flagship products of this company!
I also merged my other company which is doing the similar things into this company! Since the merging, this company reputation has grown a lot! And after the merging, all the workloads seems reduced and easier for me to manage.
So, consider goal archived.

2. Add more servers in Malaysia data centers, increase local sales.
Ok, this one I had failed.
I was too focus on the new company and neglected the company I established in Malaysia. But well, I do manage to improve this company, maintain the income and grow it up with other products which is not related with web hosting service.

3. Maintain oversea businesses (all 3 of my companies), and try to double up the revenue compare to last year.
Well, this goal had been achieved successfully. In fact, the revenue not only double up, they are quadruple up. Maybe this is because I had merged 2 of the company and gained trust of oversea customers. But sadly, the company in local, I didn’t focus on it too much and did it did not penetrate oversea market.
But hey! The other 2 company did grow like hell, it is damn good already, right?

4. Contribute more effort in Opensource, write more articles about Opensource. Also, plan to become an IT magazine columnist where my articles can help those who wanted to learn more about Opensource. Especially on Ubuntu & WordPress.
Ok, this one I would say I only manage to succeed half only.
I did spend more time in Opensource stuffs. But Opensource articles has become less.
The plan for write for an IT magazine did not succeed because the founder of the Opensource magazine had abandoned the project somewhere around mid of the year.

On Ubuntu Linux wise, I am less active during mid year on wards. But I had become much more active in a new community, the Malaysia Debian User Group (DebMal). Although it is an very old distro, but the community is still very new in this country. Plus Ubuntu is built based on Debian, so I had decided to help on make this new community grow.
In fact, I even host the DebMal portal website in the very same server as this blog now!

About Wordpres…
I have to say, damn… When I was wanting to write the WordPress book, the version 3.0 had release. So I have to start allover to write again. Anyway, you can expect my WordPress book to be release somewhere around mid of 2011(hopefully).

Debian Members
? Debian Malaysia Members. Photo taken at the community track hall. ?

As most of you know, my mood recently is as bad as shit…
I was suppose to attend this Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC2010) at 29th June 2010.
But I only go at the second day.
Last year, I was attending this same conference and assist in Ubuntu Malaysia booth at the exhibition hall.
This year, I am more focus on Debian Malaysia booth, since Debian Malaysia is still very new and need more people to help on the activities. Of course, I did go to Ubuntu booth as well.
Some of you might aware that I always mentioned Ubuntu Linux in this blog. If you follow my blog long enough, you might realize that I am also a Debian Linux user. Most of my servers is running on Debian Linux and CentOS. And Ubuntu is in my desktop and netbook, since Ubuntu is best for use with GUI where is comes default with a lot of nice desktop applications to use.

To be honest, aside from attending this MOSC2010 to assist the exhibition booths, there is another reason I go there. It is to see my fellow geek friends and relax myself by doing crazy things. You all should know how emo I am recently and been talking emo things in this blog recently…

When at the exhibition hall, I did something somehow, can be considered crazy and stupid.
My netbook do have a webcam, so after I hook up my netbook to the wireless, I did a live streaming at Ustream and broadcast live from my netbook. I am holding the netbook and point my netbook around at people’s face and tell them “Say hi! You are on the live streaming now!”. And then, one of the fellow Debian member borrowed me his external webcam, and then I just plug it in and continue the broadcast with an easier way, just pointing that webcam to people.

I’m sure everyone at the exhibition hall think that I am crazy. But hey, opensource is about freedom, and I have the freedom to do what I like as long as it did not violate the laws, so screw those who talk rubbish there!
By the way, thank to those who had watched the live streaming.
Especially you, Prakash, thanks for sms and let me know that you are watching.

During the end of the 1st day I was there, the 2nd day of the conference, I did another crazy things.
I found that there is a lot of huge LCD screen around the lobby of this conference. It was showing the tweets with the hashtags #mosc2010. Guess what? I gone crazy and wanted to do something crazy again. I just sit on the floor and turn on my netbook and try flood the twitter screen. Honestly, these fellow Debian fellers are rocks lah. They see I do like that, they all also follow me and flood the screen together. This is called, the team spirit. Hahaha
It is good to have people to teman me to do crazy things.

? Pictures taken when we flooding the twit screen. ?
Tweet Flood 1
Tweet Flood 2
Tweet Flood 3

At the final day of the conference, as usual, I was arriving there late due to some work which I had delayed for a lot days.
And I reach there, I did promote the Chicken Run Project at the Debian booth and give away free hosting account with it, since Chicken Run Project is running on a Debian cluster. It is good to give away freebies to help on promote Debian anyway, although I arrived there late and didn’t gave out much accounts…

At the last day, guess what?
They all asked me, “Don’t want to do streaming today ar?”.
And of course, since they reminded me, I did do live streaming once again and this time, I do it more crazy.
The Gorgeous Geeks booth is just beside the Debian booth, and I keep on point the webcam to them and say, “Smile! You are on the live streaming!”.
Yeah, I know I am annoying, I am trying to be annoying and force myself not to think of anything anyway…
But hey, I am lucky that they din slap me for being annoying, instead, they do responded with a smile.
But think back and see, did they realize that I am actually pointing the webcam at them? Did they smile at the camera or just simply smiling like that only? I don’t know lah, I was not using my brain at that moment, and just doing crazy things without thinking anyway.
Off topic: Hmmm… In my mind that time, I was thinking, if my love do give me a respond that I desire… It would be damn great and I will have no such emo mood like what I have now…
Anyway, woman tends to change their thoughts easily. When they gave you the respond(answer) they gave earlier, and the end, they will give you another respond(answer). That’s the cause of my emo anyway.

? Photo taken when I was still doing streaming. The Ironman in the picture is me. ?

By the way, talking about the Gorgeous Geeks.
Last year, they are not here in this conference. Last year was FOSS-Chix who attended the conference. They are both different community group anyway. No offense, @Cawanpink, the GGs are prettier than you. Lol.

By the way, here is the picture of Debian Malaysia and the Gorgeous Geeks during packing up the stuffs at the end of the conference.
Debmal & GG

Anyway, thank you guys(Debian Malaysia) for doing crazy things with me. Thanks to Gorgeous Geeks for the sweet smiles that cheer up the exhibition hall. Thanks to the organizer, OSDC who organize such a great event. Thanks to TM for providing the Internet access so that I am able to broadcast the crazy things I’ve done in the exhibition hall.

And at last, thanks to me that you all gone crazy and doing crazy things in the conference.

Sweet memories will not just fade away, just like that.
It stays forever and even though it has ended, the memories still stays…
Sometimes it ends with joys, sometimes it ends with pains.
But no matter what, the memories will remind in our heart, our mind…