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T-Mobile goes after Verizon, AT&T with drinking game and #BallBusterChallenge

T-Mobile is continuing to push back against Verizon’s claims of network dominance by kicking off its #BallBusterChallenge today on Washington’s San Juan Island. At the same time, the Bellevue-based “Un-carrier” is promoting another Earnings Call Drinking Game, this time against AT&T.

The #BallBusterChallenge, so named as a response to Verizon’s colorful ball commercial, aims to demonstrate the reach of T-Mobile and debunk what it calls “year-old network claims” by Verizon. T-Mobile already answered the ad’s claims in an ad of its own last week. And a new ad on Sunday rolled out even more magenta T-Mobile balls.

T-Mobile says that Verizon customers in the San Juans will have the chance to see for themselves if Verizon’s network is actually better in a remote area, and win $100 if they can prove it. If they lose, they’ll pose for a photo with a “network sign of shame” and walk away with a consolation prize.

Here’s where to find T-Mobile reps today:

  • 10 – 11:30 a.m.: Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Wash. In the downtown area near Second Avenue between Spring and Court Streets.
  • 12:30 – 2 p.m.:  Roche Harbor, San Juan Island, Wash. In and near McMillin’s Dining Room near the Roche Harbor Resort.

Meanwhile, on social media, T-Mobile CEO John Legere was promoting his second Earnings Call Drinking Game, in which participants can use a beverage of their choice and play along when AT&T mentions certain words or phrases in its report. Legere did the same thing last week with Verizon’s call.

The AT&T call takes place at 1:30 p.m. PT. Check out the rules for today’s game:

(Via T-Mobile)
(Via T-Mobile)


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