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Cat Can Talk!

You don’t believe? I am a cat, and I am talking to you now!

Happy SysAdmin Day!

The image above already stated all.
Happy SysAdmin Day to all system administrator!
I know becoming a SysAdmin is a very though job. Trust me, I know.
We work like hell, 24/7 standby, even during sleeping time, if there is a call, we have to wake up and bring up the network/server/infra.
Without us, those expensive servers and network equipment will just be something useless.
We are powerful! We are the “root”!
May the force be with you!
Happy SysAdmin Day!

Nong & Jimmy Seafood Restaurant

Posted Sunday, July 26th, 2015
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Where to eat fresh seafood in Kuala Lumpur without burning a huge hole in your pocket? Here’s one.

 photo DSCN1124_zpsxy82qobr.jpg

Nong&Jimmy, Seafood Restaurant.

 photo IMG_4866_zpsqlgcejdl.jpg

Pricing of the seafood is displayed at the whiteboard for customers’ reference.

 photo IMG_4876_zpsio1pt1ln.jpg

Seafood produce are fresh from the sea

 photo IMG_4855_zpsmlyjwq6k.jpg

All seafood produce are counted in kilograms except for cockles which was priced per plate.

 photo IMG_4895_zps3yq0latd.jpg

Seafood being grilled

 photo IMG_4899_zpsgw984wym.jpg

Fresh BBQ crab

 photo DSCN1118_zps0t2tqssr.jpg

Also spotted in the vicinity of the restaurant is a You Tiao stall.

 photo IMG_4965_zpskntjfoku.jpg

Some dishes that we managed to try the other day; Mango Salad, Prawn Cakes,Seafood Fried Rice, Seafood Tomyam, Grilled Stingray, Steamed Seabass, Sweet Sour and Spicy Seabass, Butter Prawns, BBQ Crab, Black Pepper Crab, BBQ Squid and Mini You Tiao.

 photo DSCN1194_zps2lm6eriz.jpg

Prawn Cakes RM15 (small) / RM30 (big).

 photo IMG_4921_zps9iknbtbr.jpg

Mango Salad /Kerabu Mangga RM12 per plate.

 photo IMG_4942_zpsge6t83cj.jpg

Seafood Fried Rice RM6 per pax.

 photo IMG_4944_zpsi3icglqb.jpg

Tom Yum Soup RM15 (small)/ RM30 (big).

 photo IMG_4964_zpsavevun64.jpg

BBQ Stingray RM20.

 photo IMG_4976_zpsnq1fztss.jpg

Butter Prawns RM44 per /500grams.

 photo IMG_4935_zpspkjfe2g3.jpg

BBQ Squid RM12 per plate. Served with a side of homemade Thai chilli sauce.

 photo IMG_4954_zpssmxxkyn3.jpg

Thai Style Steamed Fish RM40.

 photo IMG_4948_zpsaeomut92.jpg

Thai Style Fried Fish RM40.

 photo IMG_4971_zpsxvgo6sae.jpg

Grilled Crabs RM70/per kg.

 photo IMG_4961_zps5kzczjso.jpg

Black Pepper Crabs RM70 per kg.

 photo IMG_4953_zpsmzizamlj.jpg

Last but not least is the Mini You Tiao served with a side of rich, homemade coconut jam.

This modest restaurant is located in Taman Cahaya Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.
Early bookings and reservation is recommended as the place tend to be crowded with diners.

Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ
Lot 27363, Jalan Cahaya 1,
Taman Cahaya,
Ampang Selangor, 68000
Tel: 03-4251-1807
Business Hours : 6pm -11.00pm (Closed on Monday)

Rajawali Coffee House in Awana Resort Hotel, Genting Highlands is featuring a rather generous buffet spread for your gastronomic pleasure.

Here’s sharing with you what my family and I had during our trip to Genting recently:

 photo DSCN0735_zpslhlfqoup_edit_1436044563380_zpsccim8cf9.jpg

Kambing Bakar Ahmad Rosnie

 photo DSCN0775_zpsqjdxqnuw_edit_1436045264004_zpsezatkgas_edit_1436045377688_zpsdmflsda7.jpg

Australian Roast Lamb, dressed with homemade black pepper sauce and mint sauce.

 photo DSCN0732_zpsp9vsu00u_edit_1436045698325_zpsa1obo9ub.jpg

Kelantanese Delights, Nasi Kerabu and condiments along with the side dishes.

 photo DSCN0731_zpsolajpgxy.jpg

Nasi Briyani.

 photo DSCN0717_zps4scnrqda.jpg

Anne Gopal Sappede. This live action stall features freshly made Murtabak, Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Puree, Chappati, Dhosai, Idli and condiments like Parpu Masalah, Tengga Chutney Tomato Chutney and  Potato Masala.

 photo PhotoGrid_1436046365280_zpswat3iexf_edit_1436046425796_zpsrnj26fie.jpg

The noodle counter, featuring assorted noodles and sides for you to assemble to your own liking.

 photo DSCN0754_zpswpmasrsn.jpg

Kebabs and shawerma is also offered at the Middle East live action stall.

 photo DSCN0750_zpslem3ezwz_edit_1436046692141_zpsyod1yva0.jpg


 photo DSCN0721_zpsiuwvi4wr.jpg

Not into grilled seafood? That’s fine. There is always Seafood on Ice.

 photo DSCN0768_zpsgllll9gt_edit_1436047849525_zpsfuttgtej.jpg

Lok Lok and Yong Taufu

 photo DSCN0725_zpspvpxrhqq.jpg

Traditional kuih for you to enjoy.

 photo DSCN0727_zpspyk6bahw.jpg

Fruits to cleanse your palate with.

 photo DSCN0792_zpsfhfrxosw.jpg

You may also assemble your own Ais Kacang at the assorted beverages section.

The Ramadan buffet is available starting from 18 June to 16 July 2105, from 6.00 pm to 9.30 pm.


RM 88.00 nett [adult] ; RM 48.00 nett [child] ; RM 60.00 nett [senior citizen]

RM 60.00 per pax for early birds booking with payment made before 16 June 2015.

The Rajawali Coffee House also caters Sahur for the Muslims, which is available on 18 June to 16 July 2105 from 3.00 am to 5.30 am.


RM 30.00 nett [adult]
RM 15.00 nett [child]

For bookings and reservations, please hop over to: http://www.rwgenting.com/dining/buffet/rajawali-coffee-house/

First World Hotel Annex Tower 2 A

Posted Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Here’s one place to stay if you are traveling on shoestring while in Genting Highlands: First World Hotel Annexe Tower 2A.

Rated 3 stars and with reasonable rate, the hotel is an extension to First World Hotel Tower 2, where more rooms are offered to accommodate guests.

 photo FB_IMG_1435748130393_zpsm9bdxw3z.jpg

Passageway that connects Tower 2 and Tower 2A of the First World hotel.

 photo DSCN0830_zps2afefuzo.jpg

There is a cafe located opposite of the lobby, Terminal 2.

 photo DSCN0840_zpslccpu0rb_edit_1436031776965_zps3h8v7fke.jpg

Terminal 2 offers quite an extensive for those who wants a quick and fuss free bite.

 photo DSCN0841_zpsjv60vpy5_edit_1436032438343_zpsfpokafxp.jpg

Assorted pastries and pizzas are freshly prepared for your gastronomic pleasure.

 photo DSCN0839_zpsdoegw4e6_edit_1436031715744_zpsmwuhbscw.jpg

Wide arrays of pastries

 photo DSCN0829_zpsluxf2uvz_edit_1436032923425_zpsatfjnxri.jpg

Diners could opt to take away their orders or enjoy their meals in at the cafe overlooking magnificent view.

 photo DSCN0827_zpsrifcdeco.jpg

Self check in and check out kioks can be spotted all around for guests’ convenience, mirroring what’s implemented in First World Hotel Tower 1 and Tower 2.

 photo DSCN0666_zps3ddgrbdv.jpg

There are a few types of rooms offered in this Tower 2A, but here’s an economical one. XYZ Deluxe Room, with two single beds.

 photo DSCN0668_zpsn9fnq0a0.jpg

Functional wardrobe, kettle, safebox and mini fridge is provided for your convenience. Charging your gadgets is made easy by the International and USB access sockets provided.

 photo DSCN0669_zpshtx4xq6o.jpg

Mini Fridge

 photo DSCN0672_zpsew5ebkft.jpg

Electronic kettle and complimentary instant coffee satchets and tea pack.

 photo DSCN0670_zps0xgphsfz.jpg

In-room entertainment includes a flat screen TV.

 photo DSCN0674_zpsbdkciks5.jpg

The shower, the vanity and the toilet shares the same compartment but with seperate cubicles.

 photo DSCN0665_zpsuzpcsv6c.jpg

The toilet was squeaky clean.

 photo DSCN0664_zpsk1rgwilc.jpg

The shower

 photo DSCN0676_zps9knnwxrr.jpg

Hair dryer is available at the vanity section.

This room is highly recommended for those who are on a budget. The rate is much more cheaper in comparison to the rest of the hotels in Genting.

For more information on other types of rooms and the rates for this hotel, you may check out this link: http://www.rwgenting.com/hotel/firstworld-hotel/

‘Bazaar Desa’, The Square Restaurant, Novotel KL

Posted Wednesday, July 1st, 2015
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The Square Restaurant, Novotel KL City is offering quite a sumptuous spread this Ramadan 2015.

 photo IMG_2683_zpsuwgtja3g.jpg

Themed ‘Bazaar Desa’, The Square restaurant offers plenty of delicacies that you can’t get elsewhere in most buffets in KL. Here’s highlight what’s worth having:

 photo IMG_2687_zpsmw4nqee0.jpg

Oven Roasted Lamb.

 photo IMG_2801_zpsxerbzlvy.jpg

Deep fried keropok

 photo IMG_2781_zpsmwulkqf_edit_1434912852003_zpsoyx0wiro.jpg

Assorted Acar

 photo IMG_2777_zpsywkhclh1.jpg

Taufu Sumbat

 photo PhotoGrid_1434911587781_zps2kyui5nt.jpg

Assorted traditional curries to pair with plain or flavoured rice like Nasi Briyani.

 photo IMG_2729_zpsg3lliqga.jpg

Apart from the wide array of curries, you ought to keep a lookout for their live action counter.

 photo IMG_2703_zpsqu7e5qtd.jpg

Grilled Stingray.

 photo IMG_2704_zps2ewtszox.jpg

Chicken and Beef Satay.

 photo IMG_2831_zps06vte3j_edit_1434911387977_zpst9x7z3pb.jpg

Three of Chef’s signature that I think is a must have at this Ramadan buffet; Mee Rebus Tulang Lembu, Soto Goreng and Kacang Pool.

 photo IMG_2829_zpsmzgupnep.jpg

Mee Rebus Tulang Lembu was sensational.

 photo IMG_2825_zpssgozzkqq.jpg

Soto Goreng

 photo IMG_2828_zpsfmwveh29.jpg

Kacang Pool

 photo IMG_2789_zpshticwgee.jpg

Assorted traditional Malays kuih like tepung talam and kuih ketayap can be found at the dessert section.

 photo IMG_2797_zpslfzruve8.jpg

Refreshing puddings

 photo IMG_2754_zpskdafwusx.jpg

Local fruits to cleanse your palate.

 photo IMG_2755_zps9kwazywn.jpg

Ice cream

 photo IMG_2750_zps57p9jb15.jpg

Ice Cendol, one of my favourite sweet beverage here at the buffet.

 photo IMG_2751_zps0hyoneda.jpg

Refreshing Lai Chee Kang

 photo IMG_2833_zpslnzwc6n9.jpg

Traditional homemade ice cream.

“Bazaar Desa ” dinner buffet is priced at RM95 nett per adult, RM45 nett for children aged 8-12 years old. Early bird voucher is available for sale from now until 19 June 2015 at only RM80 nett per adult and RM40 nett. Accor Plus members enjoy further 10% discount.

For more information and reservations, please call (6 03) 2147 0888 extension 7668 or email H6324-FB3@accor.com