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Si Chuan Dou Hua Chinese New Year’s Delights

Posted Saturday, January 24th, 2015

Si Chuan Dou Hua is offering extensive variety of delicious dishes. From 5th February – 5th March 2015 in conjunction of Chinese New

Year 2015.

Went for a menu preview with my wife the other day and here is some of the Chinese New Year’s dishes that we managed sample:

 photo IMG_20150115_185944_zpsy24gqc2y.jpg

Barbeque Lamb Yee Sang (RM98.00 nett/half portion or RM148.00 nett/full portion)

 photo IMG_20150115_185859_zpsexfphh8v.jpg

BBQ lamb slices are served with this Yee sang. (RM58.00 nett – RM128.00 nett/half portion or RM98.00 nett – RM238.00 nett/full portion)

 photo IMG_20150115_195711_zps4ebwmpqp.jpg

Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Soup with Sea Treasures & Fresh Scallop

 photo IMG_20150115_191720_zpsyocvko2b.jpg

Steamed Village Chicken with Dried Seafood & Chinese Herbs.

 photo IMG_20150115_191753_zpslb8rfmgv.jpg

Stir-Fried Large Prawns with Egg White served with Fresh Iceberg Lettuce

 photo IMG_20150115_202100_zpsjzctmoy0.jpg

Served with lettuce leaves, the prawns were fresh and well-cooked. Quite a refreshing dish in comparison to the regular fried buttered prawns.

 photo IMG_20150115_185837_zpsmv7ijyo7.jpg

Braised Seasonal Vegetables, Beancurd & Dried Oysters with Pumpkin.

 photo IMG_20150115_190022_zps53sdja2z.jpg

Fried Rice with Black Mushrooms, Lotus Seeds & Smoked Duck.

 photo IMG_20150115_211050_zpsbgxdvbfz.jpg

Chilled Mango & Pomelo Sago. Those with sweet tooth will appreciate this.

 photo IMG_20150115_191851_zpssngbmw67.jpg

Steamed Nian Gao with Crispy Oats  this.

Below is the pricing details for your reference:

58.00 nett per table of 2 persons

Golden Happiness RM188.00 nett per table of 2 persons

Auspicious Blessing RM488.00 nett per table of 4 persons

Blissful Happiness RM688.00 nett per table of 6 persons

Happy & Prosperous RM1288.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Smiles of Fortune RM1388.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Golden Prosperity RM1688.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Bountiful Wealth RM1988.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Prosperous Blessing RM2188.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Vegetarian Abundance RM1188.00 nett per table of 10 persons

* Each set comes with 1 serving of yee sang (different set, different types of yee sang), 4-6 dishes + 2 desserts

For enquiries and reservation, please contact:

Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant
PARKROYAL Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: (+603) 2147 0088
Fax: (+603) 2782 8455
Email: douhua.prkul@parkroyalhotels.com
URL: www.sichuandouhua.com
Business hours: Daily from 12:00p.m. – 2:30p.m. (lunch) & 6:30p.m. – 10:30p.m. (dinner)

Happening Places in KL- The Sky at One City

Posted Saturday, January 24th, 2015
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I have recently been invited to the grand launching of one of the most happening and beautiful place in Klang Valley; The Sky at One City.

 photo IMG_528254992506882_zpsviqcgm5a.jpeg

Located on the 10th floor of One City Mall in Subang Jaya, the place have ample parking at the open space area as well as the basement.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422065822597_zps9ghwjtcw.jpg

There was an exclusive private VVIP party, by invitation only and plenty of performances by local artists like Rejuvenate Dance Crew, Henley, Dina Malaysia Idol and many more in conjunction of the grand launching of The Sky at One City.

 photo PhotoGrid_1422067047078_zpsi2gpo0cc.jpg

The Sky at One City is actually a rooftop dining place and have not only beautiful sceneries…

 photo IMG_20150123_172036_zps13jybfxf.jpg

Managed to sample some stuff at the restaurants….so let’s take a look at what to expect when you dine here.

 photo IMG_20150123_230558_zpsduemzes1.jpg

You will be spoiled for choices…plenty of things to go for; from Korean food to Thai Cuisine to fusion and Western delights.

Let’s check out the restaurants:

 photo IMG_20150123_170141_zpsxz8ahar3.jpg

Hong Dae-Mun: offering authentic Korean cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150123_181936_zps9gilpmqh.jpg

Charcoal Barbeque Lamb. .

 photo IMG_20150123_182223_zps8cxjcgfr.jpg

Korean Fried chicken

 photo IMG_20150123_170912_zpsuyxjrj36.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-1am
Contact: 013- 206 0129/ 03- 5115 0129

Krua Thai Authentic Thai Kitchen.

 photo IMG_20150123_170949_zpsuelrou5a.jpg

The restaurant offers authentic Thai cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150123_182902_zpsqtgfnpo5.jpg

Seafood Tomyam

 photo IMG_20150123_175620_zpszzqhqhsf.jpg

Prawn and Fish Cake Combo.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: +013-289 0139

 photo IMG_20150123_171606_zpsufakwuty.jpg

Inaho Sushi offers authentic Japanese cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150123_180138_zpsupu626aa.jpg

Yakitori Moriawase. An assortment of skewered meat.

 photo IMG_20150123_180214_zpsxstjdvbu.jpg

Momiji Sashimi. Momiji literally means 7 types of fishes in Japanese.

 photo IMG_20150123_171804_zpsioqud2jq.jpg

Check out the price range. Not too bad, eh?

 photo IMG_20150123_171614_zps32v26zsr.jpg

There’s 10% off promo ongoing for some selected items, so be sure to make inquiries if you’re to dine here.

 photo IMG_20150123_173321_zpswjbt0vqf.jpg

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03 5115 0169

Have a bad day at work? Need a place to de-stress? Head over to Master Room.

 photo IMG_20150123_172754_zpsh1rvxzta.jpg

It’s a sports bar catered for those who are looking for some after work fun.
Pool table is available for some healthy after work fun. Pool table is available for some pool games.

 photo IMG_20150123_172808_zpsxy901m4x.jpg

And so is some dart games.

 photo IMG_20150123_174435_zpsnx1sjquo.jpg

Master Room serves plenty of bar and bistro food, but this Petite Nasi Lemak is the house specialty.

 photo IMG_20150123_184138_zpsrt6hyhn1.jpg

Chocolate Cake with Vanilla ice cream is also good.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 3pm-3am
Contact: 03-5115 0189

 photo IMG_20150123_174035_zpswipvgdob.jpg

de House Restaurant and Bar serves a healthy selection of western cuisine.

 photo IMG_20150123_174510_zpst1loximp.jpg

Mediterranean Caesar Salad with Quail Eggs.

 photo IMG_20150123_182758_zpspzjftrq1.jpg

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio Vongoli.

Operation hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm
Contact: 03-5115 0119

For more information on The Sky at One City, do hop over here at their Facebook page: https://m.facebook.com/theskymy

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MyNasi, Midvalley KL

Posted Saturday, January 17th, 2015
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Looking for a quick fix for the ever famous local delicacy, nasi lemak in the city? Here’s one place you could consider, MyNasi Midvalley.

They provide takeout and dine  ins. Here is what they have to offer.

 photo IMG_20141127_194557_zpsfjmrgqt_edit_1417127761993_zps69l2ojvc.jpg

MyNasi, Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, MyLaksa with Cockles, Assorted Side Dishes, Taufu Telur and Otak-Otak Muar.

 photo IMG_20141127_194737_zpstgkrcezz.jpg

Their specialty: assorted selection of Nasi Lemak. Managed to try this, MyNasi set (RM10.90) with whole chicken thigh. As usual, it’s served with a side of sambal, fried anchovies, peanuts and a a slice of boiled eggs.

 photo IMG_20141127_194725_zpsfceyjko7.jpg

MyLaksa with Cockles (RM8.90) is actually rice noodles served with thick, creamy curry, topped with condiments like blanched beansprouts, fried tofu, a slice of halved boiled egg, chives, cockles and of course, sambal.

 photo IMG_20141127_194718_zpsuvildlas.jpg

Mee Rebus (RM8.00). Yellow noodles served with spicy tapioca gravy with condiments. The usual suspects like fried tofu, boiled eggs, blanched beansprouts is of course there.

 photo IMG_20141127_195412_zpsmm5qlgso.jpg

Mee Siam (RM8.00). Rice vercimille served with sweet, spicy and savoury sauce. 

 photo IMG_20141127_194832_zps5y0zenp_edit_1417133204507_zpsaiknubzj.jpg

Fried Chicken  Wings (RM3.50) per piece.

 photo IMG_20141127_194750_zpsm02fwu3e.jpg

Additional side dishes like breaded fried fish, fried fish, chicken luncheon meat, chicken sausages etc can be ordered separately. Price per piece of these is Rm2 and above.

 photo IMG_20141127_195428_zpscfygjicq.jpg

The house special, Taufu Telur (RM7.90) It’s merely a smooth tofu fried in omelete style, drizzled with sweet soya sauce and topped with shredded cucumber and carrots, but this humble dish is delicious enough to warrant a second or third helping.

 photo IMG_20141127_194939_zpsxdrtajk7.jpg

Otak-Otak Muar and other snacks is also available for you to enjoy

Overall, the dining experience here in MyNasi Midvalley is decent.

Here’s the restaurant’s details should you need a quick meal fix:

My Nasi, Mid Valley Megamall
Lot LG074A, Lower Ground Floor
T: +603 2202 3099

Operation hours – 8am – 10pm

Open Daily
Delivery service is available in the vicinity of Midvalley area.

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Merry Christmas!

Posted Friday, December 26th, 2014

It’s been awhile since my family and I went for a media/ FAM trip due to work commitment. The last was in September where we spent time together up on Resort World Genting for Ice Age Adventure and First World Hotel Behind the Scene Tour.

Been itching for some Cuti Cuti Malaysia moment with my wife and son again to de-stress, and the invitation to Klang Parade Bloggers Day Out came just in time. The motive of this day out is to explore the newly revamped Klang Parade Mall.

Klang Parade underwent a massive makeover  and was refurbished since June 2013, introducing structural additions to the mall including two new brightly lit atriums drenched in natural sunlight during the day, new travelators and a sense of serenity. A product of very careful planning and design by the mall ‘s owners ARA Asset Management Limited, a new al fresco food and beverage area has been established in front of Klang Parade, replacing spaces previously used as a carpark ramp. Being one of the largest malls in the area, Klang Parade definitely has gone the distance to guarantee a pleasant shopping experience for shoppers like me, paying attention to the assortment of international and regional brands open to the public.

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0008_zpsckw1e8l7.jpg

Klang Parade Blogger Day Out. A group photo before the activities of the day started.

 photo IMG_20141213_164417_zps6gomv3eg.jpg

On the way to the first activity on our iterinery was a surprise dance by Rejuvenate Dance Crew, who showcased  energetic choreography movements, just outside their soon to be opened dance studio, called the Peanut Butter Studio.

Look up the Peanut Butter Dance Studio in Klang Parade soon if you want to learn how to breakdance like them ;)

 photo PC137170_zpsvfp8usbs.jpg

We were ushered to Firezone Family KTV. The Firezone Family KTV is located on the 5th floor after that

 photo IMG-20141214-WA0030_zpszmegzczu.jpg

Spacious karaoke rooms provided at Firezone Family KTV, a one stop family KTV with Wifi, Cafe, Snack & Pool KTV. Firezone Family KTV in Klang Parade has 44 units of small, medium, VIP and VVIP rooms. Highly recommended if you are looking for a fun karaoke-ing time with family and friends…or a party.

 photo PhotoGrid_1418633482861_zpsbuvpa0jc.jpg

Snacks are readily available to order to in Firezone Family KTV.  We were served pizzas, nuggets and French fries during our session there that day.

To make reservation for karaoke session in Firezone Family KTV Klang Parade, call: +6-03-3359 6303.

 photo PC137227_zpsfkt5tckd.jpg

Next stop was the Circus Circus Arcade. The arcade was located 4th floor of Klang Parade.

 photo IMG_20141213_180334_zpsnhqxub6t.jpg

The arcade provides hours of entertainment for both small children and adults alike.

 photo IMG_20141213_181940_zpsg9wkzlwf.jpg

Arcade video games are readily available. My all time favourite? Is of course the car racing machine.

 photo IMG_162596027767511_zpsap8untz0.jpeg

After the arcade visit, bloggers were assigned into three groups for the mall hunt, and here’s our first stop. Tune Talk Service Centre. We were introduced to the Tune Talk services and packages and given our very own Tune Talk simpack. My wife was very happy as the number our simpack is 520. Our anniversary date, and also means ‘I love you’ in Cantonese.

 photo IMG_20141213_185819_zpssk6dbs8x.jpg

Second station during our mall hunt, Fresh Fruits stall our task was to make our very own skewered fruits.

 photo IMG_20141213_185708_zps6pde0vna.jpg

Blogger friend Rane with her skewered fruits.

Third station is the I.GF Nail Spa, an obvious treat for the ladies in our group. ;)

 photo IMG_20141213_190825_zpsqoqjafbf.jpg

Feminine and girlish setting.

 photo IMG_20141213_190907_zpssm1rhrls.jpg

Comfortable chairs for pedicure sessions.

 photo IMG_20141213_191801_zpsecyc7hdl.jpg

My wife…getting her nail art done.

I did not want to miss the fun and cheekily got mine done too. Who says men can’t indulge their metrosexual side? Here is me…holding hands with my missus after the session.This nail spa is highly recommended and a must visit if you’re into nail arts.

After the nail spa session, we were ushered to the food court in the vicinity of the Klang Parade Mall for dinner.

 photo 10850089_908734955803394_8988241569521850914_n_zpsx1i05fe8.jpg
The Next Food Junction. There was plenty of stalls in the food court, separated into two, the Halal section and the Non-Halal section.

The food court is rather disappointing in terms of food availability and service was quite slow at the Halal section even though it was not really crowded, but price-wise. It was all right. Hop over to wife’s blog HERE to see what she thinks about the food court.

 photo PC137396_zpsmeioe22s.jpg

After dinner we proceed to the Upin and Ipin meet and greet and had photography session there. Can’t say much about the shopping experience there yet as we did not manage to shop that day, but I can safely say that the mall have is a one stop centre where there is something for the whole family.
Will be dropping by with my family again soon if we are ever in Klang again.

For more information about Klang Parade, visit their facebook page HERE

Klang Parade
2112, KM2 Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603-3343 7889